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RED Velvet

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  1. welcome back
  2. You are not added anyway. dont warry. hahahaha
  3. All MW3 community members are friendly.
  4. cool ~ nice mods
  5. I Miss You..
  6. Amazing Skills ~
  7. Wow nice skills
  8. nice video.
  9. I want to be like you. Nice skills and video
  10. Support
  11. Cool ~ thanks
  12. hahahahahaha ... nice video
  13. Oh!! welcome to here nice skill and good video I've subscribed to your YouTube channel.
  14. Your in-game name: [FAF]RedVelvet Player's name: [LCS]Phoenix The rule that he/she has broken: Spawn - Sanchez (Cheats) Date of incident: Today Additional info that you'd like to add?: 0:06 Proof(s)/evidence :