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  1. Past hour
  2. Hey link. Why MR here? I'll kill gonza if he show off
  3. Today
  4. @Detected Video was uploaded.. MW3 || FRAG MOVIE #2 || SEMPAI.
  5. This will be the battle of STATX and FAF :D
  6. Sure! Why not?
  7. i'm not playing there anymore since DELTA moved from there , also _Dadayli_ account is new acc there, i didnt find any pic of my stats to get refunded , so thats why i'm here since 2 years :) , even if i found a pic of my stats i couldnt play there anymore since 10-30 players daily :(
  8. /Support I have been carjacked from in the air before
  9. Nu my private mods :x
  10. welcome back
  11. Hahaah full weeaboos now :v
  12. Thank you all
  13. Agreed many noobs from our team try to carjack hunter at base.They cant even fly it but they do carjack it so /support
  14. I can confirm this annoying bug. @PaBLo_ Needs to fix it
  15. nah man...i'm not worried too much about how I look, it's the enemy in front of me I'm looking at.
  16. flux will update this but idk where he is im so lazy to create clan topic... btw u quit?
  17. jimi u changed ur skin too?
  18. welcome back :]
  19. Against
  20. Welcome
  21. Same issue here :(
  22. I promise not to insult anyone .. Help me to remove this mute please!! I'll do the things good.. please help me admins!!! How i do to recovery my score please?? someone helpme thanks, very thanks!!
  23. I just let u kill me :) im bored lol
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