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  1. Past hour
  2. Maxi fagg, stop doing signatures about me ffs -.-
  3. Today
  4. Yo !! how are you bro i miss u s-much !!

    1. ]_Rexx_[


      now he back xD

    2. GuaRanA


      Yoooo Sheriff what's up mann. Yess true im back more faster and harder with my new friends rexx and others! Come to game tonight brother :thumb_up:

  5. Yesterday
  6. yeah, that's why no one applies :/
  7. Last week
  8. Hi LazyAss and killer is killing /cinvite cmd Hey wb nab Sup
  9. hey baby i miss !!

    1. Mr.$HOCK


      Me Too dude. Nice to see you again :)

    2. ]_Rexx_[
  10. guarana sou o kelpex eu queria criar uma nova conta com novo personagem eu criei uma comta no site kelpex-assassin entrei com o nick mais n pega como eu fasso pra criar um novo personagem no caso uma conta nova no jogo olhei no site mais nao achei nada me ajudando me guia ai pra eu fazer uma nova ou tanbem seria bom se vc podesse resetar minha conta kelpex pra eu comesar do inicio denovo zerada sem nada do zero vlw  falando ai to sempre on qualquer fala comigo ok 

  11. Hey The best clan how its going ? :/
  12. ~~~Idemo Dada, one Serbian shit ~~


    1. qdmtoavoiddeath


      thats not called shit , thats called Art and its cool :D

  13. Whom thinks long before taking a step, will spend an entire life on one foot.

    1. Mark


      lol this is a gaming community 

    2. [MW3]Derek


      I know but this is a simple status in which it says 'what's on your mind?', and to be incautious it refers to what I was thinking, I don't speak of the community itself :s3d12:

    3. Mark


      Ah dramatic little faggot  <3

  14. no one applies on the forum to join these days '_'
  15. congrats

    1. Mr.$HOCK


      Thanks Ashley :)

    2. Ashley


      :D you deserve this job

    3. ]_Rexx_[


      ho ho ho congratulate my $hock good luck

  16. Hes already kicke from the clan long time ago.!
  17. "you will" ? nab "you are" :v
  18. Hahah brothers, whats up? If you need more songs, im song lover and club manager.. so holla if you need good shit 😎

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