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  5. ewww, you have leafy as your background pic

    1. Mark


      I used to watch this guy alot and he was a popular dude with a good fan base back in those days, but idubbz just fucked him up right in the arse

    2. .PewDiePie.
  6. My Stats Backed I used my name Before [Agent].PewDiePie. i used this name [Agent]Hurricane and its worked .. 

  7. Good Admin :D

    1. .PewDiePie.


      Mark i lost my 36k score and 1.74 ratio please back it and my clan Agent

  8. Why SkyWalker Suspended?.. :v

  9. These past few days have been rough for the entire community and especially the management, the talk around is 'mw3 may die', but have full faith in my words, we are gonna get back on the track real soon, i see players leaving, but aye shoutout to the ones who still ride with us, your loyalty is unquestionable.


    Stay tuned in folks ;)

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    2. Mark


      Server is back online

    3. Mr.$HOCK


      @Mark and who told you that i wanted to back to staff team ? you don't deserve me. you should be happy when you suck. 

    4. Mr.$HOCK
  10. cool man, check out my profile song. Dark Lotus for life

  11. سلام عليكم يا معشر المسلمين
    GTA :'( طلقو لينا سيرفر بغينا نقصرو توحشت 

    i'm mr.molotov hh bb :D

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    2. jaloutagang[VC]


      ana jalouta gang madafaka

    3. [VC]Guermah94


      HHHHH king of street 

    4. AbdoLGR


      Sber Atbiii :v

  12. Wach nja7ti??

    1. Scoutz[ST6]
    2. SuperMan_


      Ewa mabrooook akahay sheriff


  14. Hi all, I'm back in the forum <3 

    1. $heriFF_


      yo . welcome back bRo

    2. Sodium


      welcome back bruh' <3

  15. Look, It's Trial Admin Exist.

  16. i need help 


    1. $heriFF_


      @[CMK]Ayoub[Dz]. how can i help you ?

    2. Mr.Mario


      Yea tell me?

    3. [CMK]Ayoub[Dz].


      win nsib admin application


  17. Hello Mark, this is dandi here, i haven't received any kind of a significant response.

    Please do look into my appeal 

    Thank you

  18. hello, could you please see my ban appeal, would be glad to receive a response

    Thank you 

    1. Dandi


      i Believe you would be the right person to look up my appeal, as you are of the higher staff, thank you for your response.

  19. Hi Mark this is Dandi, could you please refer to my ban appeal, would be kind of you to do so.

    i would really like to get back to the game.

    Thank you :) 


  20. Nice you disliked me 3 times and now? 

    Your happy?

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    2. Mazarkareem Aljasa

      Mazarkareem Aljasa

      Now abusing rights haha

      u are crying poor kid!

    3. Avicii - TЋ€ D€мØп

      Avicii - TЋ€ D€мØп

      I do not deal with children. I will ignore you.

    4. Mazarkareem Aljasa

      Mazarkareem Aljasa

      Abusing his rights haha


  21. Hey  mate look at my Ban Appeal ^^

  22. heeeeeeeeey victor ;))

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