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  2. Lol my fps is 100 in /cbdm and dm and it is 40 outside and my fps is enough to record clean proofs to catch hackers but i need to improve it until buying rams
  3. wasted my time reading previous pages @Elusive mine vittu ok
  4. I didnt leave , just inactive
  5. crazy sniper skill xD keep it up
  6. that's the pure skills.
  7. Omfg :o
  8. Today
  9. send me
  10. /Against.
  11. gg what is ur vid editor?
  12. nah actually we had a lot of complaints from a lot of members of the clan about the skin but i had a lot on my plate and i couldn't go for the votes so i discussed with the leaders who were active atm and we agreed to change it, so we went with the skin that had the 2nd most votes in the voting.
  13. Wow nice :v
  14. Btw really then, why did you changed last skin when he won 4 months contest :) the skin is just important cuz of clan stile and camu thing. But anyways, than maybe votes should be replayed? I dont feel good with this skin now cuz im super visible to sniper from big distance... There are some good skin fo real :)But if you dont wanna do the vote thing anymore @[Agent]crusher its also ok :/ What others say?
  15. Banned, thanks for reporting.
  16. @Nemesis
  17. First of all Sony please stop making useless posts and yeah the suggestion seems useful so supporting for sure !
  18. This is still posthunt doe :/
  19. Tanıdım, hoşbulduk kardeşim. Bolu'dan geldiğimden beri oynamıyordum. Dün tekrar başladım. Oyuna başlar başlamaz HoJ klanına davet edildim, gireyim bari dedim.
  20. lol :/ If u want change skin, set id 1 or id 2 or id 134 :)
  21. we are not really looking to change the skin right now
  22. ooo knk hoşgeldin yoktun ya ben logitech
  23. ok sir I waiting
  24. Proof is valid to get just score refund, if you have a screenshot showing your other stats make another request Contact any admin 5+ IG to set your score.
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