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      MW3 7.5.3 DELAYED   09/05/2017

      This update has been delayed do to some issues and will be added back soon.

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  4. Happy birthday dude, wish you all the best in the future ♡

  5. Happy birthday crushed up :D wish you all the best with some lovely hugs *-*

  6. Last week
  7. Come soon back



  8. Happy Birthday my bro! Wish you best in life, to finish collage, stay clean and healtjy and get some good girl.. if you don't have it already.. Ups, i forgot, i wish you to maintain with mw3 and agents and hope to meet you one day.

    1. [Agent]crusher


      Hopefully all that will be true.


  9. Happy bithday Crusher <3

    1. [ST6]Angel


      Happy Birth Day Crusher


    2. [Agent]crusher
  10. Thank you seif fo all your works, we really appreciate these efforts. you are the best scripter in samp, keep it up!

  11. Its was this a day a year ago that i made this clan and invited @malik to the clan and then @Jimi_Hendrix and from there on we have kept this clan going and today we are one of the biggest clan in MW3.

     There have been so many ups and downs along the way (mostly ups) but once there were people who wanted to delete the clan because they were threatened by us but they failed in there under-handed tactics, some high level admins even told my members that the clan will be deleted and they should leave but those admins are not here anymore and neither is there clan.

     A huge thanks to @GuaRanA to for his contribution in running the clan along with @Jimi_Hendrix who has been running the clan since it was created and @Rifai_Ikhsan because he has been a great leader and a loyal member to the clan, and our newest leader @[Agent]Vinylist for his contribution and the leaders who have helped us in the past like @Made_ & @t3ReLL and all the other members of the clan like @handoc one of the oldest members of the clan along side  with every other member, this clan is what it is today because of you.

    Hopefully we will be here just as strong next year, keep it up Agents.

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    2. [HOJ]dark_tiktaak


      crusher you best  freind

      good luck:thumb_up:

    3. Rage_


      Great job dear crush! You deserve tons of respect for not giving up at the very brutal circumstances caused to you and clan. Impressively you manage the clan very systematically and made rules very fair and easy. Also respect to all the agents who was with you eveytime and hence they made the clan one of the greatest! Again congrats for your archievement guys and good luck for the future.

    4. malik


      I remember the clans first 50 honor points.

  12. Earlier
  13. Hi its been almost a year now i know cuz i was busy studying i returned to this server 'cause  my cousin invited me here and then i realized im banned for c-bug(which means logging off while having combat i guess) i hope that you believe that it was our previous internet connection was way too bad but we fixed it, the ping used to get from 200-1000 and log me off but now it s 90 so i hope you could help me to remove the banned(I SEND THIS MESSAGE TO THE ONE WHO BANNED BUT I WAS AFRAID HE WONT REPLY CAUSE ITS BEEN A WHILLE)


  14. Congratulations to all new trial admins and moderators who have been hired and promoted to this community!! Wish you good job and fun in staff!

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    2. GuaRanA


      I'm the Gods will, humanity is fo real, my hand will hold you still, this ain't no drama so chill... :V

    4. [MW3]SuperMan


      guA <3 Thank you so much my cat :c

  15. the pizda is online since months

  16. Made by me


    1. Dadayli


      sir t7wa azamel , hadchi khayb 3andek , ok no nays ♥

    2. []KruSaki[]


      hahahahah u just broke my fucking  hart

      xd ty 

  17. за что ты моего братика забанил ему 6 лет тебе нестыдно низасто банить на ва шем сервере саловдьюти

  18. give me 1 cow please

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    2. Dadayli


      Francesco requested one pig for him , thanks for the cow

    3. GuaRanA


      I like the way you think boy.

      Send this regards and pig to Mister Francesca.


    4. Dadayli


      he didn't like it , ariana is crying :|

  19. One dolly guarana for you homeboy :party:


  20. Best Scripter, keep it up bro 

  21. Your profile picture looks amazing handsome man :)

  22. nice pdate and new map :D:Adore:

    1. spitfire


      Thank you very much mate <3

    2. [ST6]Angel


      ye split fire is the best


  23. Nemesis iam donat vip help me 

    1. Seif_Tounes


      Nemesis is inactive, post a topic in Donor Section

    2. [Mafia]Bawa
  24. For all my Bollywood and other sides of world! Song for you guys! Enjoy! 


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    2. Rage_


      From India, looks disaster for me tbh lol

    3. [MW3]Swizzy


      i like your song :D

    4. Mr.$HOCK


      Ay GuaRanA. WB Nab xD

  25. I hope you come back someday.

  26. xD little kid, why would I cry about getting banned in a community that got hacked many times and doesn't even have a good pro players ? I only come to the server now to rekt some nerds using uzi and sawn like you and your [Agent] clan that you're ashamed of, I've already told you. people saying [Agent] is the best clan in MW3, if you want to be the best, boy. Beat the best.

    1. [Agent]crusher


      Why don't you get the fuck out of here, go and see a therapist if you wanna talk to someone about your issues, i got better things to do so BOUNCE.

    2. Mark


      Keyboard warriors 

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