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  1. Yaaay only seen this now!
  2. I am voting for: Playstation From my own experience he puts in hella work.
  3. Which was just the other day? Give it time. You make yourself look desperate and to be honest I'm not convinced anyone can change in that short amount of time.
  4. I don't think so, in my opinon. It's either withdraw to cash or bank, which could lead to mis-trust in the direction of where the donation lands, not that I or anyone has any right to question your integrity nor do I doubt it for a second and would take offence if anyone was to doubt you as I have been more than please myself with the donation process. But to save future "problems", perhaps stick to the security of PayPal, and/or use a Payment processor known as Stripe, which can be integrated in to any website shop to be used for payment processing! Just my insight! Much respect.
  5. Welcome my man, hope you've fun here.
  6. Would like to see you given a shot so, Supporting.
  7. Against ; - Immature - Has shown a history of not being able to keep his cool. - Pestered me after I was hired trying to " tell " me how to do my job. - Doesn't understand the word "stop". - Was given a shot, and blew it, hire someone who hasn't been given a shot. - Told me "The only way to survive in the admin team is too lick Management ass" - Shows immaturity and simple lack of respect.
  8. Positive - For one reason only, More admins in your timezone are needed. Negative - I don't know if your "administrative" material - BUT - A fair trial should be given to find that out. Your age is a bit low for my preference but I dont set the requirements. Best of luck man!
  9. I love Christmas because of the weather, the booze and the good vibes!
  10. Welcome.
  11. Thanks!
  12. Ill handle the forum stuff no prob.