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    Better to die fighting for freedom than be a prisoner all day
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  1. Hey how are you ?

    1. [MW3]Derek


      Hey there Power, I'm good and you?

    2. (ST6)Hitler


      Goog Good my bro message private?

  2. Ok Congratulations 1k posts posthunter :VvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVv 

  3. nice song . i like its !! 

  4. Wow! Thanks for award nab <3


  5. I want award active member :VvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvVv. 

  6. huehue brbrbr


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    2. [MW3]SuperMAN_
    3. Lt.Kitty_Cat


      only if I understood what it meant

    4. [MW3]Reaper



  7. I'm extremely drunk :Cocktail:

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    2. Lt.Kitty_Cat



      Damm it

    3. [MW3]Derek


      It was just for fun, no need to apologise and start arguing :music:

    4. Dadayli


      well yeah +2

  8. ty nab for Legendary Award <3

  9. I can not send the images to my topic, every time I try to reply with pictures, the phrase appears on the screen:

    You do not have permission to access /forum/index.php on this server.

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    2. [MW3]Derek


      Esta es tu cuenta?


    3. [TDK]Atapo
    4. [MW3]Derek


      Encuentrame en el juego, cuando veas mi nombre en el juego me envias mensaje personal y te devuelvo tus estadisticas.

  10. Appreciated, unban me please.

  11. Adm me ajuda por favor, levei 1 warning por spamming, minha conta estava dando senha incorreta deis de ontem, mas conseguir recuperar ela pelo google authenticator, pode tirar meus warnings?, nao sei oque aconteceu

  12. @[MW3]Derek i dont have a PayPal account to donate can i donate with PSC too? is there anyway


    1. [MW3]Derek
    2. hahaha


      if u dont have visa or mastercard just ask parents thay will give u its cheep and alots of vip benefits its awesome sry for posting here derek !

    3. [MW3]Derek


      No problem.

  13. Hey man me podras quitar el muted, me caga porque desde ayerme dieron muted y me hablan en el chat del clan y no puedo contestarles -.-

    1. [MW3]Derek


      Claro, ni bien te vea en el juego te saco el mute. Es que el comando esta bugeado pero ya estamos trabajando para arreglarlo.

  14. ah sorry for my bad


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    2. Naresh


      fine my bad :(


    3. [MW3]Derek


      Don't worry, there's no problem :cool:

    4. Naresh


      ty :) i won't do this silly mistakes anymore :)