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  1. Whom thinks long before taking a step, will spend an entire life on one foot.

    1. Mark


      lol this is a gaming community 

    2. [MW3]Derek


      I know but this is a simple status in which it says 'what's on your mind?', and to be incautious it refers to what I was thinking, I don't speak of the community itself :s3d12:

    3. Mark


      Ah dramatic little faggot  <3

  2. Oye bro, por que no me desbaneo St6 Ghost, si le mostre pruebas y además hice una modificación a mi gta folder para mi hydra, le puse un f22.

    La vez pasada baneo a mi hermano igual por error :/

  3. Hola Derek, te queria hacer una propuesta, es de que si dono 6 dolares me podrias dar 18.000 scores apartes de los que tengo y, espero tu respuesta,gracias.

    1. Tsubasa
    2. Gabe_Gabbington


      supongo que eso es ilegal.

    3. Ariel_mw3$$


      a ok, de todas formas ya he comprado otro vip

  4. I'm still baned bro :/

  5. I'm still banned Bro;
  6. Hey how are you ?

    1. [MW3]Derek


      Hey there Power, I'm good and you?

    2. (TBS)Powerj


      Goog Good my bro message private?

  7. nice song . i like its !! 

  8. huehue brbrbr


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Avicii



    3. Lt.Kitty_Cat


      only if I understood what it meant

    4. [MW3]Reaper



  9. I'm extremely drunk :Cocktail:

    1. Show previous comments  20 more
    2. Lt.Kitty_Cat



      Damm it

    3. [MW3]Derek


      It was just for fun, no need to apologise and start arguing :music:

    4. Dadayli


      well yeah +2

  10. ty nab for Legendary Award <3

  11. I can not send the images to my topic, every time I try to reply with pictures, the phrase appears on the screen:

    You do not have permission to access /forum/index.php on this server.

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. [MW3]Derek


      Esta es tu cuenta?


    3. [TDK]Atapo
    4. [MW3]Derek


      Encuentrame en el juego, cuando veas mi nombre en el juego me envias mensaje personal y te devuelvo tus estadisticas.

  12. Appreciated, unban me please.

  13. Adm me ajuda por favor, levei 1 warning por spamming, minha conta estava dando senha incorreta deis de ontem, mas conseguir recuperar ela pelo google authenticator, pode tirar meus warnings?, nao sei oque aconteceu

  14. @[MW3]Derek i dont have a PayPal account to donate can i donate with PSC too? is there anyway


    1. [MW3]Derek
    2. hahaha


      if u dont have visa or mastercard just ask parents thay will give u its cheep and alots of vip benefits its awesome sry for posting here derek !

    3. [MW3]Derek


      No problem.

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