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  1. Prizes updated ^
  2. Against.
  3. there's not need of a new board, post here: https://mw3-samp.com/forum/index.php?/forum/28-instant-messaging/
  4. Nice development, you're all welcome!
  5. It'll not be removed.
  6. It's a bit annoying, against.
  7. Maybe a command like /setclanowner would be efficient. Support.
  8. https://mw3-samp.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1625-few-ideas-and-minor-things/
  9. Why your stats shows so?
  10. The scripter is already aware of it, guess will be fixed in the next update. @PaBLo_
  11. I can't see the image, could you please post it again?
  12. Okay, so you put a bomb onto the commander center (in the middle or somewhere), let's suppose there are people in others commander centers, you explode the bomb (while you're on your own commander center) and you kill these people?
  13. namechange

    Requesting @Christofski to set your name back to Dikzak[PrK], SA-MP doesn't allow unnaceptable symbols like the one you used "#".
  14. Solved.
  15. Solved in-game.