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    Better to die fighting for freedom than be a prisoner all day
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  1. ty nab for Legendary Award <3

  2. pab is already aware of this bug, will be fixed as soon as possible and yes, it was the result of base Brazil being moved to a new location.
  3. People can't find admins? The current admin system is different from what it was before, we usually never goes on-duty.
  4. My vote goes negative. Your english isn't knowledgeable and I'll definitely stand up on my expectations. You're kinda immature and I barely see you online.
  5. Yes, you can.
  6. help

    Cual es el nombre de la cuenta que perdiste?
  7. This one has been fixed.
  8. Press F9 or either reinstall your GTA SA. Not even a bug.
  9. Without hydra and hunter, I support this!
  10. Did you save any screenshot of your stats? If so post it here.
  11. I can not send the images to my topic, every time I try to reply with pictures, the phrase appears on the screen:

    You do not have permission to access /forum/index.php on this server.

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    2. [MW3]Derek


      Esta es tu cuenta?


    3. [TDK]Atapo
    4. [MW3]Derek


      Encuentrame en el juego, cuando veas mi nombre en el juego me envias mensaje personal y te devuelvo tus estadisticas.

  12. help

    Upload your proofs again, I can't see them.
  13. What explanations?
  14. help

    Could you please upload your proofs?
  15. @Nemesis