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  1. hey baby i miss !!

    1. Mr.$HOCK


      Me Too dude. Nice to see you again :)

    2. ]_Rexx_[
  2. congrats

    1. Mr.$HOCK


      Thanks Ashley :)

    2. Ashley


      :D you deserve this job

    3. ]_Rexx_[


      ho ho ho congratulate my $hock good luck

  3. how many nabs in our community ?

  4. At end. You seem a good guy I will give you +1 and i hope i see you in the clan
  5. Are you skilled ? But 1 hour isn't enough .. You need to play 2 or 3 at least
  6. Why did leave it at the first ?
  7. You has been kicked from The clan so You are NOT ALLOWED to post here @Gmail
  8. Where is my promotion , Crazy @[TBS]Maxii[1915] >:(
  9. I have never seen anyone who admits that He is NooB and calls himself Newbie and noob ? It's incredible ;D
  10. Çãlm Døwñ & $láp MAXXÏ's Ä$$ 0o0
  11. Hello @General Zod , How Are You Man ? :D
  12. I just wanna someone to add my medals and there will be no problem if you give me rainbows ;) how can i get it ?