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  1. Lol my fps is 100 in /cbdm and dm and it is 40 outside and my fps is enough to clean proofs to catch hackers but i need to improve it until buying rams
  2. I didnt leave , just inactive
  3. افضل مركبة لدى هى الطيظ ... عيزها ؟؟؟؟:D
  4. Nigga
  5. Lol. It is nice but skiller doesn't need to show himself. It is the best examble. Iam very skill and no one can beat me in duel after improving my fps. Not by movies but by skills xD It is my advice @Mike_Cahill xD
  6. انا احب deagle جدا و sawn off gun
  7. I think it will be nice without heavy vehicles
  8. Iam supporting without any heavy vehicles
  9. It is nice base @Avicii but you need more vehicles and increase the space Iam supporting
  10. I was enjoying very much when i played with my friends and my clan mates but this is the time to be ready to start my war with studying. I will be inative for 2 months. I will back again after finishing my studying and exams. Iam sure i will win I want to say the last thing. I want from all people who are angry with me to forgive me. It is just a game. Nothing is better than friendships. I will miss you Cya and Pray for me xD
  11. @[TBS]Maxii[1915] i am accepted isn't it ? But i am inactive for 2 months because i want to be ready for my war with my studying. Iam sure i will win skillfully Bye guys i will miss you
  12. Lol you are admin but iam not. If i were admin , i would be the best admin... براحة على نفسك ياسطا متفتكرش نفسك ياما هنا يامل هناك ....ده لعبة حتى xD
  13. i got kicked because i had insulted player who insulted me and my parents first so marshall kicked me and he didnt do anything with t1g3r because they are friends ! i am very funny and i always accept jokes but i dont like the person who insults my parents or my family !
  14. IG Name: [ST6]G_SHOCK How much time you play per day: 5 hours What's interesting you to join TBS: Nice clan and have nice members ! What your name will be when you add [TBS] Tag: [TBS]_G_SHOCK_ Your previous clans and why you left them: HoJ _ because this clan is more stronger than it ! Picture of your stats: *** http://imgur.com/a/1CTqY*** Are you active on forums and In_Game: YuP Your Timezone(GMT): +2.00
  15. I'm not allowed to post here.