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  1. WoW. Nice dude
  2. see all of you

    Good luck DuDe :D
  3. i am the best friendly you will find
  4. I forgot it because i was inactive for 4 months. It is natural. I will read it again and i will be care. I am sorry about all my mistakes. If i did a mistake again, deny me !
  5. Certainly. There is no thing. Only ELM (police light)
  6. I got warned because i posted in helping place where not allowed to me to post there. But iam so sorry. I will improve my self. And let me change and give me chance :( i got warned because i spoke arabic in chat. I didnt know that not allowed.
  7. No but in the same internet ip
  8. King in the ring
  9. Sobhan allah. Allah akbar. Allah aazM. Allah el hafez
  10. Welcome Back ! Enjoy :D
  11. Lol Christofski's aimbot didn't work well xD
  12. Wow nice I will post my videos here
  13. I got warned from admins yesterday because i always write helping phrases and repeat it but i am sorry for that. i want only help players but i will do my best.