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  1. At end. You seem a good guy I will give you +1 and i hope i see you in the clan
  2. Are you skilled ? But 1 hour isn't enough .. You need to play 2 or 3 at least
  3. You has been kicked from The clan so You are NOT ALLOWED to post here @Gmail
  4. Where is my promotion , Crazy @[TBS]Maxii[1915] >:(
  5. I have never seen anyone who admits that He is NooB and calls himself Newbie and noob ? It's incredible ;D
  6. Çãlm Døwñ & $láp MAXXÏ's Ä$$ 0o0
  7. Hello @General Zod , How Are You Man ? :D
  8. I just wanna someone to add my medals and there will be no problem if you give me rainbows ;) how can i get it ?
  9. @Keleo¥ , can you give me the link of your hud please :) ?
  10. -IG Name: [TBS]G_$HOCK -Medals You're Claiming: Fist of Steel -Total Points You Got: 1500+22000 = 23500 -Proof: ------------------------------------------------- -IG Name: [TBS]G_$HOCK -Medals You're Claiming: payback -Total Points You Got: 23500+11000=34500 -Proof: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -IG Name: [TBS]G_$HOCK -Medals You're Claiming: Two birds , one stone -Total Points You Got: 34500 + 8000= 42500 -proof: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -IG Name: [TBS]G_$HOCK -Medals You're Claiming: 1 shot , 1 kill , you guys are rekt -Total Points You Got: 42500+7000+4000=53500 -proof: i got this in cbdm , dm and random and i have never used nuke bomb --------------------------------------------------------------------- -IG Name: [TBS]G_$HOCK -Medals You're Claiming: it's Eazy + it's mine -Total Points You Got: 53500+4500+6000=64000 -Proof: >>BesT ReGarD , G_SHOCK<<
  11. You seems good. It's not about score but about skills and i think you are skill. If you are skill , i will agree and give you +1 - You Need to play more hours Good Luck