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  1. I think those who are currently on the network.
  2. I can 3 hours = +0.5 k/d and this without nuclear bombs. me k/d 7.15
  3. от помощи никто не отказывался, но прошло 2 месяца, смотрите дату поста внимательней...
  4. не отвечайте не бесполезные посты, 2 месяца прошло, а вы умничать только начали.
  5. Name: _millenium[FAF] Your birthday date: 09.10.1994 What do you want to get on your birthday? I already have everything.
  6. I play this game for 8 years, sometimes throwing. I can easily throw it as a hobby.
  7. I remember them 9-0 we won, also played Maxi, sorry I do not have a screenshot.
  8. well, I give you my support.
  9. What? You're lying. In the last video, we have won. Yes, and I can not be honored in the 7-0 TBS. It never will. TBS has always been the worst clan (I was in a clan called Maxi 5 times, I always refused)
  10. Тут просто общаемся в данном подфоруме. Ты не туда обращаешься. Тебе надо сюда: https://mw3-samp.com/forum/index.php?/forum/6-ban-appeals/ Создать там отдельную тему с правильным форматом и все это на английском, и вам помогут...
  11. It was the only time when you are lucky that you almost killed me in the back. It would be better took time when I was against you two))) and me made you)
  12. Не видать тебя Дениска на сервере вообще( Совсем перестал заходить.