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  1. I'm writing this from my grave.

    1. Francesco_
    2. [MW3]SuperMAN_


      Exti actually you are my best admin because, wait wait if you want why just say why i'm the best admin and I'll answer you! 

  2. Чтоб он отвалился)))

  3. ХУЙ ТЕБЕ НА СТЕНКУ)))))))))))))))))

  4. If I was a cheater, I would create a new account, because I played 350 points in my account, it's not enough, I prove my point, I can not see it?)))

  5. I can send screenshots of my folder GTA don `t know, I'M NOT THE Cheater, THIS IS mistake, I'm an honest player .... PLEASE !!!!!!

  6. Hey? Give me a chance, maybe I'm bugging, I really do not deceive you (((((





  7. Admin Extizt, Reply my request please ^_^

  8. Good Admins are always in our hearts! :health:

  9. Stealing bans nowadays :buddybean_16:

    1. DiamondV


      Attempts to give a fuck... Attempting.... Processes failed: No fuck given.

  10. Remove my name from members list....I left the clan.