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  1. you ez boi :v missed a lot :c
  2. Its good that I'm not in the videos lol :p Gimme that aimbot on skype btw
  3. Against -Immature -Temper problem
  4. The player will be banned. Thanks for reporting
  5. Admin Extizt, Reply my request please ^_^

  6. Totally supporting it :/ Whenever I go somewhere to snipe or hide in base and kill people with weapons. I get one/two or sometimes when I'm in bad luck an army of suiciders chasing me across the whole map....Are you serious? they chased me till my base and suicide at me even when I'm in my own base. When I change the team to Australia. Every single second, a USA player with suicider class keeps suiciding on australian players in australian base. They even suicide on flying rustlers plane....I feel like dying whenever I see suiciders :/
  7. Topic Moved to Correct section Change your attitude because you're not going to get your license back if you don't change it. And use this format : [b]In-game name:[/b] Your name here. [b]Who revoked your licence?[/b] Write here the name of the admin who revoked your licence. [b]Why should your pilot licence be returned, ?[/b] Explain why should it be returned. [b]Do you feel innocent?[/b] If so, please post screenshots or videos that prove that you're innocent, etc...
  8. The one which my family has :/
  9. Good Admins are always in our hearts! :health:

  10. Stealing bans nowadays :buddybean_16:

    1. DiamondV


      Attempts to give a fuck... Attempting.... Processes failed: No fuck given.

  11. @Dadayli or @vladrm12
  12. Why did you decide to copy dadayli? hhhhhhhh
  13. unban

    Reply within 12 hours otherwise I will mark this thread as solved and move it.
  14. I think the clan system is enough, the time should be spent on refining the script instead of adding things. Quality over quantity is much better So, yeah i'm against.