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  1. can i open my acc?

  2. extizt sent me the website please.



  3. I'm writing this from my grave.

  4. Чтоб он отвалился)))

  5. ХУЙ ТЕБЕ НА СТЕНКУ)))))))))))))))))

  6. If I was a cheater, I would create a new account, because I played 350 points in my account, it's not enough, I prove my point, I can not see it?)))

  7. I can send screenshots of my folder GTA don `t know, I'M NOT THE Cheater, THIS IS mistake, I'm an honest player .... PLEASE !!!!!!

  8. Hey? Give me a chance, maybe I'm bugging, I really do not deceive you (((((





  9. Admin Extizt, Reply my request please ^_^

  10. Stealing bans nowadays :buddybean_16:

    1. DiamondV


      Attempts to give a fuck... Attempting.... Processes failed: No fuck given.

  11. Remove my name from members list....I left the clan.