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  1. Rule no.4 states that any bug which gives unfair advantage is not allowed. Does that include or exclude litefoot?
  2. Yes, DetoKe was banned in-game by me and rest will also be banned. Thanks for reporting.
  3. I remember him having more than 5k score and we spied together on australian team, I think he's telling the truth.
  4. Most of the people are friendly until they get angry :D
  5. The player will be Banned. Thanks for reporting.
  6. Link to kill list mod : http://forum.bugged.ro/topic/97265-gtaweap3-2-kill-list-by-jozxx/
  7. /Pending - Immature - Sometimes, you are a lot helpful and other times you don't help. - You get a lot of warns, so improve yourself and understand the rules better.
  8. Those 360's xD. I will try it sometime too.
  9. @Christofski will help you.
  10. Awesome Skills in Hydra
  11. You will always be remembered <3 and best of luck in your real life bro.
  12. Nice video.