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  1. Tanıdım, hoşbulduk kardeşim. Bolu'dan geldiğimden beri oynamıyordum. Dün tekrar başladım. Oyuna başlar başlamaz HoJ klanına davet edildim, gireyim bari dedim.
  2. Thx all of u again. But i came again yesterday. :)
  3. Can u add me please?
  4. Good hs
  5. Good luck mate. When i come here, you leaving game , lol. See you and good luck.
  6. Thanks all of you :)
  7. Aleyküm selam kardeşim, hoşbulduk :)
  8. I am undecided :/
  9. 182, i am poor, please click on my nickname :)
  10. Whenever i listened 'Slipknot' i headbanging ( @Slipknot anyway u know ;) )
  11. JigSaw > [MW3]JigSaw[BU] (BU is my first clan and it will my last clan, so i did not change my nick :) )
  12. Generally 10 -20 minute, sometimes 2 hour :(
  13. Thx i'm fine too, just i am living :)
  14. Hi guys, i'm back again. I went to camp area. Everywhere was white and snow. Anyway. Now i am here and i am good. How r u?
  15. see all of you

    Thx all of u, i'll tidy my bag and sleep now.