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  1. see all of you

    Thx all of u, i'll tidy my bag and sleep now.
  2. see all of you

    Hi guys, i nickname is Jigsaw. Already someone know me. So i need tell somethings about myself. I am scout boy. So i am going to do camp tomorrow. Maybe i can't enter the game. I need write this for all of u. I live in Istanbul (in Turkey). I am going to go Bolu tomorrow, for camp. I am going to stay 7 day there. So i never enter game/forum. Because phones are no service there. I don't have any reception (there) . So i want write this here and i want to say goodbye. This camp is importend for me. I am preparing my clothes and some foods now, also -25 C there still it's snowing there. So i am exciting a bit. . Briefly i am going to go Bolu, so i can't enter forum and game. So i can't see all of u. (For a week) . I'll come back, don't forget me , i love all of you. İ am going to go there >>> http://imgur.com/a/oe6bg / http://imgur.com/a/8hIhl Good bye! With my Love - [MW3]JigSaw[BU]
  3. Welcome mate, good luck
  4. I think @Dadayli
  5. We'll miss u , take care and don't forget us. Good luck mate.
  6. HoJ and ST6 but i didn't see ST6 clan
  7. Yes,it is true. :)
  8. Austuralia of course :)
  9. Really r u Avicii? I know u but i didn't know u by this name lol. Welcome again.
  10. It can not be allowed, so i was afraid for using.
  11. You should listen Slipknot - Vandetta (for music, because i don't like lyrics , i like just guitar music :) ) Slipknot - Dead Memories Slipknot: Snuff ( i like cover by Barbara Martinez ) Anyway, there are more, i can't write :) Welcome again, Good to See Slipknot In Our Midst
  12. So i don't use it , subject lock :)
  13. I think it can zoom in/out (i never try just i guess)
  14. Look at this link and please tell me. İs it allowed? Can i use this mod? http://www.gtagaming.com/downloads/gta-san-andreas/weapon-mods/12013 edit: It isn't allowed, don't use this mod. Read Gmail's post please. vvv
  15. Hey freeze can u give me ur sniper scope mod? I need it please.