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  1. @Fourth go join ct tour
  2. hahahaha pass hoj ?? casp3r pls when i was faf u got rekt all tcw :(
  3. U got banned there for cheating -_- anyways good luck
  4. Fire best playa
  5. Cool come in any training sever pls
  6. Ah alright May i ask will it be done ship or rc?
  7. Noy working for me check FOURMS PM
  8. Did u check my skype lmfao xD Go tell that retard :v
  9. I left the clan due to some disrespect from one of your members to me :( His name [FAF]LUX360[HS]
  10. hahahahh no i am not his lawyer you are hacking and easily busted stop going out from our main topic -_-
  11. How to improve it from which side ? You wanted me back lmao :
  12. I showed my cleo folder to casp3r already ask red and check his videos i take dmg always -_- @Alez