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  1. Hello . my friends /report the chacks in the game 6 posibility hack no checking reports

    1. GuaRanA


      Hello Hitler,
      Whenever I am online, or any admin, all reports are frequently checked.
      But if you spam reports or make silly reports we cannot take some bigger actions>

      Best regards!

  2. Hello avicii how are you?

    1. Av....


      I'm fine and you ?


    2. (TBS)Powerj


      Fine Fine accep my solcitud the join clan in forum

  3. Hello admin gmail. How are you ? hey licence the pilot plis 3k score y 5k the money

    1. Gmail


      Hey, I didn't understand what you said lol

    2. (TBS)Powerj


      What do i have to do for the pilot license i have 3600 score

    3. Gmail


      you need to reach 5000 score to drive hydra/hunter

  4. Hey how are you ?  bro you is banned for fly hack?

    1. $heriFF_


      i'm fine. ty and u ??

      hhhhh no i'm not . because i'm banned last 2 week for Ammo hack . and i've banned temporarily

  5. Hey how are you ?

    1. [MW3]Derek


      Hey there Power, I'm good and you?

    2. (TBS)Powerj


      Goog Good my bro message private?

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MW3 is a TDM server which was found back in 2013 by Aayush and Pablo.MW3 grew popular very fast with its increasing player base and new features. MW3 got an amazing response from the players and soon it grew to become one of the best TDM servers in SAMP history.
Many communities tried to bring MW3 down , MW3 passed through hardships many times but it always has and will come back with the help and support of its players and staff to show everyone that it is and will be the best TDM server ever in the history of SAMP.

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