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  1. once you feel that you're living in jail even if you're free , you must change your location as soon as possible , you'll feel that you're in heaven .

  2. 403 Forbidden , tf is this bug

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    2. Dadayli
    3. AbdoLGR


      علامات الساعة يا جدع!

    4. Dadayli




  3. send me that guy you used to post his pics in discord blzz 

    1. Dadayli


      sure , lemme upload the whole pack xD

    2. _NF


      xdd send it to me in facebook

  4. wondering why i'm classic as fuck

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    2. Scoutz
    3. GuaRanA


      hahahaha Dada you crazy man :D are you the one on the left of cover ? :D

    4. Dadayli


      nah xD , i'm not that old :3


  5. Dat avatar.

    That's crep the fuck out of me.

    1. Dadayli


      Nerd detected

    2. Dadayli
    3. Nope.avi


      lol rip nerd detecter.

      this status stll rek or wut?

      but is this comment even real?

      is dady the best player?

      u never find out


  6. OMG , TOM, are u here ? please don't eat me

  7. Dadayli is brother t4501.gif

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    2. HondaReborn


      @Marshall we'll invite you  :3

    3. HondaReborn


      since when brothers started getting married? :D

    4. Dadayli


      Marshall , you just made a crime toward the humanity , HAIL !!!!

  8. introducing myself for the 1st time

    who's Dadayli ?

    hey , i"m Dadayli





    fuck off idiot , i ain't a nerd to introduce myself

  9. the guy who deserves ' the best admin' description .


  10. i love Iran

  11. don't pm me ok ???????

    helping people service is disabled for now :)

    and kiwi you won't join my clan coz it's clean and no retards there :)

    1. Dadayli


      then stop spamming my pms , if it's an autistic clan , then why asslicking me and spamming my pms to join it , atleast no retards there , i will not  reply here again .

  12. use cheats  = get enjoyed

    break the rules = get enjoyed

    win fair shits = get enjoyed , at the end we're all here to enjoy , so no fucking human has the right to ban you since you're free :)

  13. give me your damage informer

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