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  1. Hey guys I miss you s-much . I'll back soon , just I've problems ..... <3

  2. waiiih . hanta tanii . 993 content count o admin lvl 1 . kantmna lik massira taiiba , o naja7 bRo !!!

    1. Dadayli


      lah ybarek fik mais rah t9a3edt sf ,  had lcnx 3andi kharya asa7bi

    2. $heriFF_


      AWDI ghi skot 3la dak domaine del connexion . damn !

    3. Dadayli


      awedi lah y3fo 3lina mn had lblad hhhh wla lah ysahel 3lina wndiro cnx mezyana

  3. If you love me , write UP .:Adore:

    Facebook . whatsapp : +212697682065

  4. Yo !! how are you bro i miss u s-much !!

    1. ]_Rexx_[


      now he back xD

    2. GuaRanA


      Yoooo Sheriff what's up mann. Yess true im back more faster and harder with my new friends rexx and others! Come to game tonight brother :thumb_up:

    3. [GR]Benel_Saif100
  5. hey baby i miss !!

    1. Mr.$HOCK


      Me Too dude. Nice to see you again :)

    2. ]_Rexx_[
  6. hey my love <3 <3 <3 , how are you ??

  7. wa siiir ten3aaas , m3ayach 9ari ghedda!!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. $heriFF_


      bikk a zéén . (andi ferd chafawi l3chya f geo ) :'(

    3. Dadayli


      3andi lpc dzebi -_-

    4. $heriFF_


      hhh rebbi gha skoot olah ta 3andek nta mjhed 3la dialli

  8. a great suggestions today , i like that's!!

  9. Hey how are you ?  bro you is banned for fly hack?

    1. $heriFF_


      i'm fine. ty and u ??

      hhhhh no i'm not . because i'm banned last 2 week for Ammo hack . and i've banned temporarily

  10. Hi Admin, thank you so much for giving me award active member

  11. hey . من أين أنت ؟؟

    1. $heriFF_


      ok bay . rachid rbby matrjel chwya

    2. DiamondV


      Im Moroccan but I currently live in Tunisia.

    3. $heriFF_


      hhh. nice diam

  12. afiiin . Hftii chiHaja l moHaad??

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. $heriFF_


      hhhh chdid ana 7afed sorat yussef . baghi njib dik 15 fel moraqaba o fl bdya dchher 4 nbda

    3. Dadayli
    4. Dadayli
  13. nice song (DJ)

  14. nice song . i like its !! 

  15. hey man , how are you ??

    1. GuaRanA


      I'm trying to be good :) How are you boi? :Cool:

    2. $heriFF_


      nice , i'm fine maybe ! :<NN:

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