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  1. lol :/ If u want change skin, set id 1 or id 2 or id 134 :)
  2. ooo knk hoşgeldin yoktun ya ben logitech
  3. Please voting the suggestion!
  4. So,comments/votes?
  5. Your in-game name: [HoJ]Sony_ Your suggestion: Anymore clan owners can promote to another player to owner level.But the ownership ranks / levels of the clan owners do not fall. Clans can have up to 2 owners. Server/forum?: Server Explanations/comments of your suggestion: So, the clan can have 2 owners.
  6. @[Agent]crusher I not in your clan.But ı want give a suggest.I think bad skin of Agents clan. They are good skin : Skin id 1 : The Truth Skin id 2 : The maccer Skin id 134 : The Homeless
  7. @[MW3]SuperMan_[NOC] Good idea..I think needing clan member ranks in clan. So, I'm supporting your suggest.
  8. @[MW3]Derek @Marshall Please lock topic and put in denied board.
  9. @Kuldeep Kp Singh good modifction.
  10. good luck
  11. How to you are know me_??? Look this! U are said "I dont know yoou soo much to give an opinion".??
  12. Im new @Marshall, @Thunder619_ .Add me list.