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  1. Thanks for support.
  2. IG NAME [TX]DNS Your Suggestion I want add "Humour / Fun Board" in forum. Server / Forum? In forum. Explanations / comments of your suggestion Needing share Funny topics on board. So, comments..?
  3. IG NAME : [TX]DNS Your Suggest : Server updated.Replaced Brazil base.But ı dont fly with rustler! Beacuse next to the sea!Please add ramp on rustler way. Extra Info : None
  4. I want change weapon bomb in the can from /dweap teargas. I'm supporting you.
  5. The best clan ranking results are evident. (21.01.2017 - 14.47) ------------------------------------------------ #1 - [TBS] - 9 #2 - [FAF] - 7 #3 - [HOJ] - 6 #4 - [AGENT] - 2 #5 - [TX] - 1 ----------------------------------------------------------- 1st - [TBS] 2nd - [FAF] 3th - [HOJ] --------------------------------------------------- Thanks for vote.
  6. -Added new names. IG Name : <Answer Here> Your Choice : <Answer Here>
  7. ı am new. [TX]DNS
  8. Your in-game name: [TX]DNS Your suggestion: Sometimes players throw nuclear bombs.And then weather is fogging.Players dont see world.Don't Needing nuclear bomb helmet? Nuke bomb properties: 10000$ in the weapon shop. Protecting for nuke bomb. At least 50 score from needing the use. Server/forum?: Server Explanations/comments of your suggestion: None
  9. I think: @[Agent]BaTo
  10. ahh!admin ım very sorry.I accidentally wrote the wrong place.Please change location.
  11. IG Name [TX]DNS First Name Mehmet Date of Birth 12/08/1997 How long have you been a part of MW3 Community Since 2015 November Languages spoken English , Turkish Timezone (( GMT )) GMT +3 Score 11110 Picture of IG stats : Previous Usernames Rock,Twitter916,[MW3]LoLGuY[EU],DNS Ban History 1 Ban Your Biography My name is Mehmet. I live in Turkey. My birthday is 12/08/1997. I can speak English and Turkish. I'm 20 years old. I study maths at Adnan Menderes University. I like RPG/FPS games. I play game 2-3 hours per-day. I generally like playing computer games, usually online games. I play every day and every time in the case of spare time. In my free time I usually read some books as HP, Hunger games etc.. . I really like playing fps and rpg and when I met the server. I got hooked and I was not stop to play a minute. I have fun with my friends Bota, JigSaw , G_SHOCK etc... My real life is boring because I just study and work from Monday to Friday; My all day usually passes by going school. I like maths and science because of I am very good at maths and science. My school teachers are love me. I'm first in the school. I want become a mathematician. It is very good job in my country. I want to help my country in this science. Also, I want to teach maths to children in Turkey. I want to teach them in a basic way. I'm very generous, funny and playful. And I want to tell my physical properties. My hair is brown, eyes are brown. I want to tell my mw3 history briefly. I have been playing mw3 since 2015 November. I want to become an admin although I have been waiting for 1 years. Tell us about your MW3 history(100) I have been playing the MW3 since 2015 November. It was difficult to start playing for me at the beginning. Actually it was very easy server. First, I have searched a good and active servers in the internet. But I did not find. Finally I found the MW3 in 2 year ago. Also my friends suggested to me play SAMP. It is my favorites game from now on. My first thought was the commands that were very complicated. I have been learned all cmds after a lot of playing. I got at least 1000 score. But it has not finished. So I became a spy. I got almost 2500 score. And I bought VIP in the beginning of last year. So I am VIP player now. I have played as a VIP up to 2016 August. Because of the server has been falled down, all of my advantages; like VIP, scores, clans, money etc., were go away. Because of I could not play in the server, I played in other server up to 2016 November. After everything is OK, I begun to play MW3 again. I recognized that MW3 is the best server. Thanks you for creating such a server. Thanks MW3. Why are you a good choice? Since I wrote before, I have been playing the MW3 since 2015 November. I think that I have information almost all rules of this game and server. I believe that I should help this server which is the best one. It must go to end with a progressive way day by day. I want to give my best as admin. I want to be a part of this good story. I’m eager to start contributing. I think my computer programming and gaming skills could be particularly valuable to your/our team. Also, with my personable character I can work well and communicate with others to contribute to team efforts. I really like helping people which play this game. I always answer questions in the chat because that's what I like. I see this gaming server as a team. I think that my experience in this game and rules make me a good match for being admin. Situation: A person is reported for bug abuse and you find him really abusing one. Your response Answer: I know that this kind of abusing is not good. We play this game in a fair way. We all must respect each other especially the server when we play the game. If we want to play in harmony, we all must obey the rules that is established by site owner. Knowing the rules and what to do about abusing, first of all I am going to warn you and tell to him not allowed. I'm going to tell him to read rules. If he should insist on abuse, again tell him not to do again. I write to him, in case of third one he will be kicked of from the game. Regards, DNS
  12. Hello ı want become an admin.But ı cant start new topic in admin app board.Please help me ı want become an admin!!!!Please help me
  13. Start new topic.