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  1. Zod nice song, got me back few years ago... I met one of my girls while this was singing :D

    1. General Zod

       General Zod

      yea even i like that song

  2. Congratulations for becoming a trial administrator 

    1. GuaRanA


      Congrats my bro, good luck and stay safe

  3. IN GAME NAME :- [TBS]Zod Medals claiming :- @[TBS]Maxii[1915] 1) Let me be with TBS :- 1500 2) I'm winner :- 4000 Proof:- 3) Veteran Already :- 7000 Proof:- 4) I'm a loyal member :- 5000 (yes) 5) That's my kill :-5000 (total kills made :-11928) Proof:- 6) The Beast ratio :- 1500 (K/D :- 4.36) Proof :- 7) It's score or Nothing :- 1500 (score :- 31148) proof :- 8) Plane here i come :- 3000 Proof :- 9) It's Mine :- 6000 ( players online :- 174) proof :- 10) Payback :- 11000 Proof :- 11) Fist of steel :- 22000 Proof :- fist kill 1 :- fist kill 2 :- Fist kill 3 :- Fist kill 4 :- Fist kill 5 :- 12) Headshot master :- 30000 ( Headshots :- 2734) proof :- 13) VIP Stabber :- 20000 proof :- knife kill 1:- knife kill 2:- Knife kill 3:- Total points got :- 117500 points
  4. @Gmail @[TBS]Maxii[1915] This Kicked player Tegnet is flooding in clan page after been kicked
  5. OHH GR8T FUNNY I DON'T CRY. Today when i killed u then every time u said that i am lagging, And when u killed me then i didn't say even a single word. So now tell me who was crying. And my ping was 140-200 ms and and my packet loss was never more then 0.10 whereas ur's was:- ping = 270-300ms and pl = 4.00 - 6.00 and for this even you got kicked today. so, tell me who was lagging was it me or u. and still u keep me telling that i was lagging whenever i killed you today. now everyone see who was crying.
  6. lol ohh gr8t really isin't that funny joke. That time even u left France team and joined team Eurasia just to kill me and then u literary used hydra on me even after knowing that it was me spying in Eurasia base and every one know that Eurasia is not clan base. And in our clan not only me there r so many players who says that u always kill clan member and that day everyone was angry with you becz u kept on killing clan mate even after telling you not to do so and still u didn't even care to listen anyone of them.
  7. yea me got promoted again :)
  8. @[TBS]Maxii[1915] What the hell is wrong with this clan member like [TBS]_Tegnet. they are intensely continuing to kill clan member even after knowing that they are from their clan [TBS]_Tegnet is killing clan member every-time and even he always joins wrong team ever time and everyone know that clan team is Arab and Taliban. [TBS]_Tegnet killed me 4 times today even after telling that not to so just to kill me he joined team Eurasia and killed me and with hydra also he killed me 2 time after seeing me he attacked on me intensely. He knew that the one he is killing is from his clan and every time he killed from very close distance and i was just standing there and told him don't attack on me but still he smiled ever-time and killed me and when i was on foot i was just standing in front of him and telling him don't kill me then also he attacked me with his gun. when i asked him why u killed me iam in ur clan then he replied that he don't care about clan @[TBS]Maxii[1915] what the hell is this it is not joke killing clan mate even after telling him not to doesn't seems like to friendly clan it is like abusing to clan and clan player. So, there should be some justice done against such rude behavior of [TBS]_Tegnet .
  9. i am gr8t bro and you...
  10. ahhaa..!!! Finally i got a medal thnx @[TBS]Maxii[1915]
  11. then even you upload ur face
  12. i dint got any medals till now :(
  13. then i will hunt u all down :D
  14. send pm to maxii and Gmail about it.. if still no response then i will talk to him okey :))