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  1. Nemesis iam donat vip help me 

    1. Seif_Tounes


      Nemesis is inactive, post a topic in Donor Section

    2. Bawa Parm
  2. Any other way to donate plz help

  3. Admin me buy vip level 2 

    Usser : [VH]IRAN_DEZFUL

    28K SCORE

    Please fast chacke

    1. _CJ_


      Nemesis fast chack 


      name game [VH]IRAN_DEZFUL

  4. Admin me buy vip level 2 

    Usser : [VH]IRAN_DEZFUL

    28K SCORE

  5. thank you brother for ur award :)

  6. hello bro

    can you check my post about my vip 50$



  7. Can you respond now please?

  8. I AM BANNED FOR NOTHING >>> IT SAY FAVE SYNC >>>>THIS IS TOO UNFAIR brother...plz unban me and check my PC files as proof . I HOPE U HELP ME

    1. Sachin


      My Game Name ; Hydra[LoK]

  9. Hello bro, check this when you are free


  10. plz help i need to get unban atleast tell the reason for my ban i didnt use any hacks or anything 

  11. Hi Admin, thank you so much for giving me award active member

  12. nice song (DJ)

  13. Your Profile Pic is really amazing and you are my favorite CEO

    1. Nemesis


      Chief Executive Officer: The person with the most important position in a company, community, game and so on.

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MW3 is a TDM server which was found back in 2013 by Aayush and Pablo.MW3 grew popular very fast with its increasing player base and new features. MW3 got an amazing response from the players and soon it grew to become one of the best TDM servers in SAMP history.
Many communities tried to bring MW3 down , MW3 passed through hardships many times but it always has and will come back with the help and support of its players and staff to show everyone that it is and will be the best TDM server ever in the history of SAMP.

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