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  1. Hey listen me now and stop bumping or i will warn you, alright?First of all we don't work with screenshoots, second be patien and do not hurry, the transaction is not carried out yet, we don't know why but is not yet, understood that and stop the bumping
  2. The transaction is not carried out, please wait awhile
  3. Case closed! | Check your private messages box!
  4. Transaction ID?
  5. Nemesis help i get vip but i entry and all of my stats reset and dont have nothing


  6. Confirmed and setted
  7. Do you have any kind of proof of your account ownership, includin (Picture, Video, Last Online Date)
  8. No proofs, No refund! | If you found some kind of proof, come and re creat a topic!
  9. help

    Topic Closed! | Re creat a topic if you still interested about your scores
  10. DO NOT reply to your Administrator Application after each Administrator vote/respond, or otherwise your application may be permanently denied!
  11. [AGF]Krouts has been setted as Clan Owner by request of the Owner. Case closed.
  12. Case closed, check your private message!
  13. Country=? /State= ? /Town= ?
  14. Hallo, tell me your old location Country/State/Town and your current location Country/State/Town