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  1. Any other way to donate plz help

  2. thank you brother for ur award :)

  3. hello bro

    can you check my post about my vip 50$



  4. Can you respond now please?

  5. I AM BANNED FOR NOTHING >>> IT SAY FAVE SYNC >>>>THIS IS TOO UNFAIR brother...plz unban me and check my PC files as proof . I HOPE U HELP ME

    1. Sachin


      My Game Name ; Hydra[LoK]

  6. Can you check my post? 


    Thanks in advance.


  7. plz help i need to get unban atleast tell the reason for my ban i didnt use any hacks or anything 

  8. Hi Admin, thank you so much for giving me award active member

  9. nice song (DJ)

  10. Nemesis help i get vip but i entry and all of my stats reset and dont have nothing


  11. Hello bro unfortunately i just spammed in lucky draw topic because of network error so i want you to remove my posts asap sorry from my side :( please remove that spam :(


    1. Naresh


      Btw No problem for now Gh0st had fixed it :)

  12. i need content approval help me