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chawny maaaa
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  5. Nice hair color :x

  6. On what date will I be unbanned @Camron

  7. Earlier
  8. You will be given a chance to prove yourself. Hired.
  9. What's your In-Game name? : Digger.69 Why would you want to join us? : Because I want to help this community by any way and DGA role looks important and I think I'm good enough to being Department of gaming affairs member, Of course I won't mean to abuse commands, I'll help it a lot and I have experienced with manage events as well Any experience into managing Events? :Yes Screenshot of your stats? :https://pasteboard.co/IOLEPUy.png Why should we choose you instead of any other applicant? : Because I'm old here and my playtime is high (1900 hours) and I'm playing it since 2 years and did not get bored from it and i won't.. Also i'm active, Will do my best to let players happy from these events.
  10. Timez is ez

    1. CoFFee



    2. Timez


      wow fk u

    3. [A]Dom


      Wow timez became famous, hemale.

  11. Undercover detective 🤫

  12. Ay blyat,where is my kompot?!

  13. You can't stop me of kill stealing 8)

  14. Hello Redfeet, You have been recently denied from joining Department of Gaming Affairs, meaning you will have to wait 4 weeks before considering applying again. Your application is denied for now. Regards, - AlDuelz
  15. What's your In-Game name? : [ARF]Redfeet.69 Why would you want to join us? : First of All, I want to join DGA because it seems good and i will do my best to live DGA and never down this DGA. All right, I'm good to join this DGA that this sounds good to me and I'll try my best to make it look good. Any experience into managing Events? : i didn't manage events but i have so experince to manage events to grow this server. Screenshot of your stats? : https://ibb.co/Ws8w3Pw Why should we choose you instead any other applicant? : I am sure i will be accepted and i will do my best to keep DGA better.
  16. 你好! 

    1. CraXy



      p.s. Hi brother! 

  17. Hi

    1. CraXy


      wtf did I do :c

    2. AlDuelz


      Being a good sis.

  18. Hi

    1. CraXy
    2. KlausX
    3. Valtahias


      nigga on jahseh i swear i didnt hack nigga theyu just banned your homie like dat bro how the fuck am i gonna beat you in duels if i am banned bro i swear on jahseh

  19. NOTE : This topic is made for people who wants to apply, information about the department can be found here : Department of Gaming Affairs Template What's your In-Game name? : Why would you want to join us? : Any experience into managing Events? : Screenshot of your stats? : Why should we choose you instead of any other applicant? : Requirements Being active either on Forum, Discord and IG. Having a good behavior and a good sense of management. Getting over 50h of playtime. (recommended) Being good at team work. Loving AlDuelz (totally not recommended) The DGA Head and the Managers are the one who vote for applicants, meaning you may wait some days before receiving an answer (either positive or negative) from your application. We are looking for people particularly with experience, even though it's totally possible to enter without. Regards, - Duelz
  20. Hello Dear reader, This topic will be informing you about that new Department created by Crusher and Andycaoz in the middle of December 2019. Let's get into it ! The Department of Gaming Affairs is a department made for people who love to create monthly Events / Tournaments and organizing it. We are receiving some Tournaments ideas directly from the players or the Management itself, therefore, it requires to listen to every player request and to be active either here, in forums, and IG or in Discord. A hierarchical system has been made, you may want to get more information about the department so so here you are : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G5Ls2COe1dkgr_sIYxoiECUOpwFJto3XM9EGIwZGfIU Interested in joining DGA ? Feel free to take a look at the Template and the Requirements written in the DGA - Template thread ! Regards, - Duelz
  21. DELETE TOPIC Option

    I suggest make a request from staff to delete the topic if you have trouble with it.
  22. DELETE TOPIC Option

    Only administrators can delete topics, if we allow it to all users people will start deleting old things that can compromise our work. That's what I think.
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