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chawny maaaa
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  4. @Burger.with cheese

    1. Burger.


      That's what you had for your 40th birthday? Dope.

  5. It's never or now!

  6. It's now or never! :P

  7. Hoes be crying for 5 hours straight & look into the mirror to see if they cried cute..

  8. Those who hates you for what you're doing or anything along the lines are the first who notice your potential.

  9. Oooh he got money, I'm running his wallet.

  10. Earlier
  11. Are you happy person? :$

    1. Andycaoz


      since i'm surrounded for my friends and family i'll be the happiest person in the world.

  12. "When you find someone seeking acceptance that's dangerous, cause they're not only seeking acceptance from you, they seek it wherever they can get it from" ~ Kevin Gates

  13. Currently inactive for 5 days.

  14. "Who discovered we could get milk from cows, and what did he think he was doing at the time?" - Billy Connolly

  15. Some people create their own storms & cry when it rains :cuming:

  16. Its only one llife

    Live for what is worth living

  17. Just chilling...

  18. Unless you're in my shoes, don't judge me. Cause who feels it knows it.

  19. If you can't take the heat, don't get in the kitchen.
    But i've been in the kitchen so long, now i am the heat.

  20. Matrix exists for real...

  21. Community Complaints

    good Idea But there is Resolved and Closed Complaint we do not need this.
  22.  Hello Friend I Like Join To Clan Agents Of Death. 

    In the name of the game: The Apocalypse

    -Old names: dwingweaveras

    -Old clans: OS Old School


    -How good is your English (rate it from 1 to 10): 5

    -Where are you from: Colombia

    -Discord Account (if you don't have one, create a new one): The Apocalipse Muy Discord Account.

    -Ban History: There has been no ban Only asylum in a cell for 10 minutes for invading bases with the hunter.

    -Screen-shot of your statistics: https://imgur.com/UHN1cKS

    -Game video (optional)

    1. [Agent]Crusher


      Apply there:


  23. Community Complaints

    There is nothing wrong with this one. I just decided that we had better put the report in place. 🤔
  24. Community Complaints

    Hmm. What's wrong with the current one? I mean community complains doesn't need 2 boards just resolved boards are okay. I will wait for other opinions.
  25. New theme

  26. Community Complaints

    Your idea is a good, but it is a bit irrelevant, all the complaints get moved to Resolved. Let see what they think about.
  27. The cruel irony of housekeeping is they only notice when you don't do it.

  28. Community Complaints

    >[b]-Your IG Name*[/b]: Ashley. [b]-Your suggestion*[/b]: Add a subforum for Community Complaints. •Valid - Which all Valid report will go to it. •Ivalid - All invalid complaints will go to it. [b]-Any screenshots[/b]: I don't have screenshot. [b]-Any comments[/b]: All your feedback means a lot to me.
  29. Suggestions format

    >[b]-Your IG Name*[/b]: [b]-Your suggestion*[/b]: [b]-Any screenshots[/b]: [b]-Any comments[/b]: "*" Means you have to answer these questions. If you didn't follow this format your suggestion will be denied.
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