Check how to make a ban appeal

I. Forum Account

Firstly go google chrome or Mozilla then search for our official website typing "MW3 Samp" in search or ask an admin to give you the correct link if you didn't find it through google, once you found it then click on "Forum" and click on "Sign up" to register your account, put your information correctly (name, password, email..etc) and the keyword is TRAIN, then go to your email and confirm it to log in successfully.

II. Ban Appeal:

Scroll down and here will appear for you a button, if you want to procced with your appeal click on it and get the correct format for ban appeals from pinned threads also you will find multiple formats with different languages, choose the one which is suitable for you and copy it, back to the main section and start your own topic by clicking on "Start New Topic" then give a name to the topic and paste ban appeal format and fill it correctly with your honest information then click on "Submit Topic " to publish it and will be visible for everyone and humbly be patient till admin who banned you to reply on this topic.

 i'm ready, let me go